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This is the How to Study Page

Here you will find useful guides to help you go about things like studying, revising and taking exams. Check them out. They could well change your life!!

How to Learn Stuff

There are two aims of this document.

First I want to introduce you to evidence for practices that improve learning that I have recently stumbled upon. That's the essence of 'Part I'.

The second half of the document (cunningly called 'Part II') is devoted to answering the question: 'So, how can I use the theory to improve the way that I learn stuff?'. It shows you basic easy-to-master techniques for acquiring knowledge, understanding, and applying it.

Techniques that you can apply to any course, on any subject, to do as well as you possibly can on the course.

This document is mainly aimed at my Maths and Physics students, but should be applicable to any course, from A-level up. All the examples are to do with Maths or Physics, but could be replaced by ones relevant to other courses.

How to Learn Stuff

Guide to Revision and Exam Technique

Here are some notes that will help when it comes to revision, and which can also be used to plan what to do in exams.

Do you hate, and get anxious about taking exams? Panic when you get into the exam room? Well, this document could have been written for YOU!

Revision and Exam Technique Guide

How to Study

Check out the 'How to Learn Stuff' and 'Revision and Exam Technique Guide'. They'll help!!