Stratocaster-type Guitar

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This is the Stratocaster-type Guitar Page


My first attempt at building a stratocaster type guitar. I've cheated like mad: I just bought all the components on eBay, and bolted them altogether. Really easy. And the guitar plays pretty well.

Altogether it cost me about £45. I'm quite proud of it!

Au Naturel

Now I just love this one. Again, all the components were bought on eBay. But this time the body was in pretty poor shape, so I sanded it back to the wood, stained it, and varnished it.

I think it looks pretty good. It feels really nice, and plays quite well, too. I'm happy.


This guitar was also picked up from a car boot sale. I thought I'd give it a 'custom paint job'.

Varnished to finish. Not bad. Plays quite nicely too.


This guitar was made from parts aquired from eBay, and bolted together.

I know Stratocasters aren't supposed to be heavy, but I like heavy rock, and saw the HSH loaded pickguard for sale on eBay, and couldn't resist.

Stratocaster Clone Guitars

This page shows a selection of stratocaster type guitars that I've put together.