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My Songs

Janice (3:34) : A song I wrote for my beautiful wife.

Tears In The Rain (1:43) : Wonderful tune by Joe Satriani off his 'Extremist' album.

Burning Hell (4:00) : Messing around with an old John Lee Hooker tune on my Magic Tricks guitar!

Magic Tricks (6:16) : Probably my favourite of all the things I've written so far. And played on the old Magic Tricks guitar, of course!

Quintero (3:16) : My first cigar box guitar was made from a Quintero cigar box. This is a tune played on that guitar.

And here's my first effort at writing tablature: Quintero tablature.

When the Levee Breaks (5:11) : A medley played on the Magic Tricks guitar. How many classics can you spot?

I Just Can't Do Trigonometry (9:49) : Played on the Magic Tricks guitar (of course). Hopefully the first in a collection of songs about the vile topic.

Disintegration (7:00) : Played on the Magic Tricks guitar (of course). This is about my most favouriteist thing in the whole world of Maths...

And here are the lyrics: Disintegration Lyrics.

Music Notes

There are a few songs starting to go up now...