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This is my first effort at building a cigar box guitar. And also my first effort at making a neck with frets.

I'm pretty annoyed with myself when it comes to this guitar. It started off being electrified with a piezo pickup, but they don't always sound very good, so I butchered the box fitting standard pickups. And I'm annoyed because that was an awful decision: it's such a lovely box.

The latest incarnation of this guitar is shown in the last image. I've now covered all the holes in the box with a print of a confederate banknote, and fitted one of my slimline pickups. I really wish I'd done that in the first place...

To get around having to cover the hole in the end of the box where the through-neck used to come out, I've secured the strings to the box with a Floyd-Rose type locking nut turned round the other way.

Quintero Guitar

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