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'Magic Tricks'

This is just one heap of crap. Well, isn't it?? There are some songs played on this on the 'Songs' page. Check them out!

Just a tin (with quite a bit of wood inside for structural integrity) with a piece of pine sticking out. The fret positions are roughly marked out on the side of the neck with a bit of decoupage.

Standard machine heads, although they tighten in different ways. A bass pickup (from eBay). Stratocaster type bridge.

Magic Tricks 03

A few years ago I was trying desperately to try and think of ways of making science interesting to a student of mine. She loved building things, and one day when I was browsing through Instructables I came up with the idea of making an electric guitar. There's a lot of physics in an electric guitar: you can learn a lot about different materials, electronics, waves on strings, electromagnetism (through pickups), etc. etc.

She loved it.

This is now EASILY my most favourite guitar in the whole world. No frets. Looks like crap. Must be crap. Or is it...

Magic Tricks Guitar

Check it out!