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This was the very first guitar that I ever made.

It's pretty sophisticated. I took a DeCecco pasta tin (which I found in Morrison's once, but never again), screwed a piece of wood to it, glued a piezo inside the tin, connected it to a jack socket et voila!

Picture of a Tin Can Guitar

The frets were made of jewelry wire. The bridge is the tube from a biro. The tuners are zither tuning pegs.

As you might expect, it plays really badly, but it works. Proof of concept.

One day I'll put a better neck on this. You a lot of sound out of the open tin, so making an acoustic guitar out of an open tin could have mileage in it.

Picture of a DeCecco Guitar

And now I have started making my own thin pickups, I could put one of those on it, as they sound much better than piezos.

I also have some 2-litre tins of olive oil to play with. So many things to do...

DeCecco Guitar

Check it out!