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The LyX Page

LyX is a word processor. It's free. It enables you to write extremely high quality mathematical and scientific documents. In fact, you can write PhD theses and scientific papers of such quality that they can be submitted to journals.

LyX is no harder to use than Word. But for writing documents with mathematical content, it is soooooo much better. And not only can you easily write mathematics in a LyX document, you can also create extremely high quality diagrams in LyX documents too: there is no need to create a diagram in another tool and import it; you can create the diagram within the LyX document itself.

Go and check out the LyX website where you can find out all about LyX, how to download it, etc.

A Few Examples

To give you a flavour of LyX, here are a few documents that I've written. The first one contains some questions I wrote for one of my students:

Interesting Physics Questions

This one contains just a diagram:

Edexcel C2 Exam Style Question

This one contains a question set I assigned one of my students recently, with a few diagrams to get him started:

Projectiles Questions

Normally students only learn how to create documents like this when they get to PhD level. Imagine what your teacher would think if your homeworks contained stuff like this. I think she might be impressed.

For Beginners...

And if you are interested in learning about Lyx and want an introduction, I would reccommend these documents. Start with this one. It does what it says on the tin:

The LyX Essentials

This is pretty much the same kind of thing, but it's slightly longer:

The LyX Tutorial

And this one is a kind of reference manual that you can use when you want to learn more complex stuff.

The LyX User Guide

Oh - and all these documents have been written in LyX, of course!

...and For More Advanced Users...

If you want to draw diagrams in LyX documents, there are a number of ways of doing it. One way is to use a software library called TikZ (that comes already packaged within LyX). These documents give you a brief introduction to TikZ:

A Minimal Introduction To TikZ

A TikZ Tutorial

And this one I wrote to explain another way of drawing diagrams in LyX documents. This uses another software library called PGFPlots, which has been designed specifically for drawing graphs:

Plotting Graphs in LyX

LyX News

Get LyX. Learn how to use it. It will change your life (I'm not exaggerating!).